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December 20 2017

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Who Can Benefit from a Waist Trainer

The short answer is that every adult can benefit from using a waist trainer of one type or another. The type selected depends on the desired outcomes, the current physical condition of the user, the budget, and the level of motivation. Although most marketing targets women, there are unisex trainers appropriate for men as well. The main reason people use them is to slim the waist to attain an hourglass figure, but there are other reasons for usage.

A Weight Management Component

People who need or want to lose weight will have to begin an exercise program and change eating habits. There are no shortcuts to taking excess weight off. Adding a waist trainer component to those efforts results in a slimmer waistline. In that situation, a cincher type of trainer works best.

It is an ideal weight-loss waist trainer because it is made of two layers of latex with a lining of cotton and spandex. That combination or materials, along with the degree of compression, melt fat from the midsection. This type is also flexible so daily activities can be completed without much restriction of movement. Begin with a short period of time, such as one or two hours the first day, and gradually build tolerance by wearing it longer each day.

Correcting Posture

Corsets offer higher degrees of compression and help correct posture. That is essential for people who suffer from back or hip pain or spend several hours sitting at a desk or standing. Fatigue, tension, and pain often come from poor posture. A light corset supports the entire torso leaving people no choice by to sit up or stand straight. The result is less pain and increased core strength.

Targeting the Waist

People who do not need to lose weight but want to take control of their body shape will also benefit from a waist trainer. A corset with extra-firm or extreme compression can take inches off the waist. Gradual wear is critical with a tight corset to prevent pain and lower lung capacity. The corset will be restrictive and uncomfortable but should not cause pain. Explore the differences in waist trainers at www.waistedtogether.com.

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